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Thursday, January 9, 2020

3 Weeks from this Saturday is Feb.1st: Mid-Winter Survivors Gathering with Music, Lunch, Conversation, 1 pm

The Mid-Winter Survivors, made up of the residents of the Silver Lake Institute, will gather to party together and get caught up on events and stories many of which have yet to be shared. Many resident-survivors spend more indoor time during the ups and downs of the winter temperatures and winter snowfalls. 

This year, the time of the gathering moves up to 1:00 pm to prevent the necessity of night-hour driving on the way home. Just like the November get-together, you will arrive to music made popular a few decades ago to which you are welcome to dance, sway, wiggle, or toe tap!

Neighbors and friends will be eating lunch together where the conversations begin. 

Davina, at the Koinonia Inn, has not yet announced the Lunch menu but it will include dessert and drinks. A second choice will be offered which will be hor'deuves ("snack food") and drinks, most likely cheese, crackers, chips and dip. When you reserve your place (RSVP), be sure to tell us which choice you want:

(1) "Full Lunch" with dessert and drinks--$9.
(2) "Snack Food Only" with drinks--$4.
(3) "Both 1 and 2" with drinks--$13.
Meal Money Overages/Donations to Asbury gladly accepted.

The latest to get your reservation in is Monday, January 27th to Greg Franklin: 493-4003, Email SLDN@mail.com or P.O. Box 19.

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