Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Work Continues on Perry Beach
as the Weather Permits

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After months of public participation, design work, and bidding, the Perry Beach improvement Project got its start this fall with completion anticipated before Memorial Day 2020. The project is funded primarily through grants and private donations, including significant contributions from the Perry Rotary Club and Perry Main Street Association. New amenities will include a spacious pavilion structure with restrooms, a nature-based playground, a walk out beach area, and the option to add on docks for kayaking and fishing in the future.

The project looks to revitalize the Beach as a destination for residents and visitors alike. The Beach had been a place of community events, diving competitions, and many other activities. The availability of quality facilities, restoration to a natural beach, and a "freshening" of a park that has been largely unchanged for decades looks to add to the value of this hidden gem of the Village [of Perry]. We look forward to this renewal effort and look forward to seeing the changes over this winter.

This project has stimulated a number of stories from years gone by of local teens, children and families who utilized the beach for their regular swimming activities. This was their only public access area for public swimming within the bounds of the Village. The support received for this project points to the possibilities for its future and expanded uses. Residents are looking forward to its completion this Spring.

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