Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tonight is Christmas Eve; Methodist Church Reports its Evening Service

The annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Perry First UMC begins at 7:00 pm. As guests arrive prior to 7:00, they will be greeted with the Bell Choir chiming the first verse of Christmas carols as those gathered sing along. The Service will contain the Biblical Christmas Story, the Choir will sing two inspirational anthems, a Christmas Reading is included and more Christmas carols placed throughout the Service. 

Joanne Brocklehurst will direct the choir and accompany the congregation on the pipe organ. Former pastor Doug Wilson will be participating as a member of the vocal choir and Bell Choir, and former pastor Greg Franklin will be accompanying on the baby grand piano. "Silent Night," the closing carol of the Service will be sung in candlelight. 

All are welcome to come and celebrate Christmas Eve. The United Methodist Church is located at 35 Covington Street in Perry, just one block east of the traffic signal at the Main Street / Covington / Borden Ave. intersection.

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