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Sunday, December 8, 2019

NYSEG Power Failure Thursday Causes Damage to Electronic Equipment;
Has Anyone Else Experienced This?

A neighbor to Fillmore Avenue writes the following account to this Newsletter-Blog. They are interested in knowing whether any other neighbors experienced anything like their experience three days ago ....
"I'm surprised how often we lose power at SLI. The latest event, Dec 5 at 3:25pm, caused a loss/damage of some of our electronics.  We think a power pole was being replaced on Fillmore at that time. I don't know how power can be safely cut, then restored by the power company during maintenance so as not to damage electronic equipment. Whatever those safety measure[s] are might not have been used last week. I wonder how many other neighbors lost equipment?"

Anyone wishing to share a similar experience should either use the comment section below or email SLDN@mail.com.  

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