Monday, November 18, 2019

The First RSVP's to be Part of an SLI Table at Thanksgiving Choose Hole in Wall Restaurant at 2 pm, Invite all SLI

All residents, friends, and neighbors of the Silver Lake Institute, not already engaged for Thanksgiving Dinner, are invited to be a part of an SLI Thanksgiving Dinner Table at the Hole in the Wall Restaurant on Standpipe Rd., on Thanksgiving Day, one week from Thursday, at 2 pm that Thursday afternoon.

It is necessary to ask you to RSVP so we can reserve the right amount of table space and chairs for all who choose to be a part of the special day. Email or call Greg with the number of people you plan to bring. Email that number to; or phone it (493-4003) no later than this Wednesday by 2 pm.

Individuals, couples, and families will order, pay, and tip as individuals, couples, and families, and yet be able to enjoy the warm company of SLI friends and neighbors around the table. Retired SLI Chaplain Greg Franklin will offer grace for our Thanksgiving blessings and food. Please dress casually. This opportunity is just another option for celebrating your 2019 Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing those who would choose to join us!

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