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Monday, November 11, 2019

Snow Storm Continues in its Path North/East, Bypassing Silver Lake

Radar Courtesy of NWS

Silver Lake Communities did not receive any additional snow than the two inches we initially received earlier today. The weather system and the winds continued as they were earlier this afternoon which kept pushing "around" the eastern areas of Wyoming County. At times, the system came very close to Silver Lake and even grew cloudier but was unable to come over us.

Notice in the bottom left hand corner of the radar photo appears a lot like the system that was supposed to hit us a lot earlier today. The system that was supposed to spread across all of Western NY has yet to accomplish that forecast. At least night #1 of the Rotary Show was clear for driving and parking. There is one more presentation of the show tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 7 pm at the Perry Central High School.

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