Thursday, November 7, 2019

Precipitation is Now a Light Snow; Electrical Bucket Truck is on the
Back Lot of Hoffner Cottage

NYSEG Tree workers have just completed working between the Hoffner and Hunter (Gould) properties' NYSEG right of way this afternoon. They corrected the problem involving the downed branch that was holding down an Ames Ave. cottage's electrical wires yesterday. Earlier this morning, SLI Groundsman Dan Dake relieved the pressure on the wires by releasing them from the branch. The wires were freed but continued to hang dangerously low. The bucket truck just zipped away to return to its regularly scheduled work for Thursday.

Dan is now working to clear the downed tree on the Franklin property's NYSEG right of way so the bucket truck could complete the more urgent work of raising the live wires. Those live wires were within the reach of children, animals, and adults unwittingly coming upon a dangerous situation camouflaged by falling snow and diminished light from clouds and early evening sunsets.

The downed tree trunk, with its mostly sucker branches, will now become part of the wood heat that keeps the bitter cold out of the SLI shop and garage after being cut down to appropriate sizes. In the meantime the snowfall has created a coating on rooftops, lawns and bushes but the streets remain mostly wet with the beginnings of a coating at approximately 2:30 pm.

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