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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pre-Play Luncheon for SLI Residents was a Successful, Generous Gesture

Fifteen residents of the Silver Lake Institute enjoyed a simple but delicious lunch of Davina's homemade pizza in three varieties (chz/pep, chz only, dbl pep). This was accompanied by carrott- and celery-sticks and a delicious ranch dressing. Three different varieties of Canada Dry for liquid refreshment.

One table consisted of Chuck and Laura Dusel, Fay and Sarah Clark, Bob and Sue Murphy, and Greg Franklin. Another table was made up of Bob and Linda McMurtry and extended family. A third table consisted of Kris and Glynne Schultz. Loren Penman was the host for both the Pre-Play Luncheon on the street level, and the Play itself on the main floor.

Before the start of today's events, there were 25 signed up for the Luncheon, and 70 for "A Christmas Carol," the one-man play at 2 pm. The 70 pretty much made up a full house which pleased every one, as did the play.

Updated--11:24 pm Sunday.

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