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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Four SLI Families at Hole in the
Wall Restaurant for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2019 was a thick cloudy day with a stiff breeze flowing though a 32-degree ground level atmosphere. It felt cold, especially after a 53-degree day just one day earlier. There were infrequent, occasional flakes of snow, although they seemed to disappear before hitting the ground. It felt even colder two hours later when leaving even though the temperature was only one degree lower (31).

Four families from the Silver Lake Institute were represented there today. The table reserved for SLI contained only three, Fay and Sarah Clark and Greg Franklin. The table right next to us included Dave McIntyre, and the larger table next to that were those seated first, Paul Penner and Joanne Brocklehurst and family. 

There was a table for two next to the SLI table with whom we engaged in conversation, which originally started out from thinking the gentleman looked like he could be the brother of a former SLI resident. Sarah had an initial conversation and later we all enjoyed a fun and light-hearted conversation. 

We chose the one turkey and dressing option they had available. Large, cut strips of turkey were set on a double mound made up of mashed potatoes and the other dressing. The combined singular mound was covered in turkey gravy. It was an unusual presentation but quite delicious. Pureed Butternut squash was a side as was a small container of whole cranberries that tasted more like orange. There were no pies but the apple cinnamon kuchen with drizzled icing, a rounded tablespoon of whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream was a perfect ending. 

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