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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Enthusiastic Group of 18 Danced, Ate, Heard Gary from Letchworth Give Comedic Talk on Lectures, Butterflies

Sometimes the planned schedule is overcome by the inspiration of the moment and such was the experience for the Fall Fun & Frolic at Koinonia this evening. Gary was scheduled as an extra but turned out to be unexpectedly humorous in his presentation about what's available at Letchworth during the winter (and summer). The portion of his talk on the Monarch Butterfly was captivating and had the group fully engaged in the 4-generational life cycle of the Monarch's travel from Western New York to Mexico and back. It was not only fun, but also educational.

Eighteen were present, but we believe that holding the fall event after dark, discouraged some from traveling to it. If we do another fall event, we may move it up to the daylight hours, possibly as a luncheon. As always, your feedback is valuable in the decision making process. Speak to any committee member including Glynne and Kris Schultz, Frederick and Esther Schuknecht, Linda Peet, and Greg Franklin.

Our second event for this winter season is scheduled for Saturday, February 1st, 2020. As it draws closer, more information will become available. At the present time it is set for 4:30 pm but, again, your input is extremely valuable. Also valuable is your opinion as to whether to continue the mid-winter event as a pizza party or something else. Please speak to any committee member at your earliest convenience.


  1. Are there any pictures of the enthusiastic group dancing?

    1. To Our Guests Saturday Evening -- Did anyone get snap-shots of SLI residents dancing? Allow us to make a copy of your snap-shot and we will publish it. 493-4003 Greg.


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