Sunday, November 3, 2019

Cold Snap Today; 50° Tomorrow

They're talking snow flurries for today and tonight. They also talk about "snow showers." And just to cover all their bases, they include "heavy at times." All of which will be over and gone for a 50-degree day tomorrow.
UPDATE 1:  40° at 1:54 pm Sunday
Occasional Light Snow Flurries and Crystals
throughout the morning, ending within the Noon hour. There has been no accumulation.
UPDATE 2:  41° at 2:17 pm Sunday
No precipitation with just Clouds and Sun.
UPDATE 3:  40° at 2:21 pm Sunday
Dry, Cold and Breezy.
UPDATE 4:  36° at 7:25 pm Sunday.
Low 31° tonight with a Snow Shower.

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