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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Winter Weather Advisory

US National Weather Service Buffalo NY
Travel conditions will deteriorate across Western NY late tonight and Sunday morning as a mix of sleet and freezing rain develops. The wintry mix will spread east towards the Genesee Valley Sunday morning, with snow favored in areas east of Rochester. Periods of snow will continue for areas east and southeast of Lake Ontario Sunday afternoon through Monday. Across Western NY, there will be a break in precipitation Sunday afternoon and evening before light snow develops Sunday night and Monday. The highest snow accumulations will be found east and southeast of Lake Ontario where precipitation stays mainly snow. This is a complex scenario with some uncertainty in precipitation type, and then the storm track for Sunday night and Monday. Further adjustments to snow amounts may be necessary as this event unfolds.

No photo description available.


Nancy Sellar

to SLDN@mail.com

The plan for a SLI table for Thanksgiving Dinner at the Hole in the Wall sounded great. Of course, distance made it impossible to participate.  One consolation is that the Hole in the Wall serves its wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings every Sunday year round. At least we will make it to one (or more) of those later in the year.

Warm wishes for the holiday season to you and SLI  friends.

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For December: Will check Email Daily and Publish what we Receive, but Just won't be Actively Pursuing New Stories

In addition to special and future events, we will continue to cover births and deaths if they are submitted, preferably by email--SLDN@mail.com. Feel free to be in touch. I will be present at the Asbury Christmas Brunch on Dec. 15 and the Community Band Christmas Concert on Dec. 16 plus whatever day my family gets together. Other than that, I expect to be around and available.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
7:00 PM - DEC. 24, 2019
All Are Welcome!

Friday, November 29, 2019

March Toward Christmas Measured in Shopping Days; Don't Be Totally Distracted by Economics

Today has come to be known as Black Friday which simply means that the number of sales on Black Friday can pretty much determine whether a business winds up "in the black" for the calendar year. To reinforce the economics of the holiday season, Monday has been given the name of Cyber Monday which pushes an extra emphasis on "at home purchases made online." 

Christmas is the season of giving, sharing, providing, loving our neighbor as ourselves. Part of the real meaning of Christmas lies in what we do for others; but not just those we love and care about but also for the stranger whom Jesus referred to as our neighbor. But where do we begin to share with these "neighbors" of ours? Perhaps working with or through one of the many churches and organizations working to bring Christmas love to those less fortunate.

Be intentional. Don't avoid the bell ringers but rather budget for them and seek them out. The same is true of the other opportunities. Read about what they are doing and how members of the community like you and me can assist them in their "work of Christmas." Hang reminders of what you have given and to whom on your tree so that you can be uplifted and inspired by your own efforts at bringing Christmas joy (and necessities) to neighbors and strangers.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Four SLI Families at Hole in the
Wall Restaurant for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2019 was a thick cloudy day with a stiff breeze flowing though a 32-degree ground level atmosphere. It felt cold, especially after a 53-degree day just one day earlier. There were infrequent, occasional flakes of snow, although they seemed to disappear before hitting the ground. It felt even colder two hours later when leaving even though the temperature was only one degree lower (31).

Four families from the Silver Lake Institute were represented there today. The table reserved for SLI contained only three, Fay and Sarah Clark and Greg Franklin. The table right next to us included Dave McIntyre, and the larger table next to that were those seated first, Paul Penner and Joanne Brocklehurst and family. 

There was a table for two next to the SLI table with whom we engaged in conversation, which originally started out from thinking the gentleman looked like he could be the brother of a former SLI resident. Sarah had an initial conversation and later we all enjoyed a fun and light-hearted conversation. 

We chose the one turkey and dressing option they had available. Large, cut strips of turkey were set on a double mound made up of mashed potatoes and the other dressing. The combined singular mound was covered in turkey gravy. It was an unusual presentation but quite delicious. Pureed Butternut squash was a side as was a small container of whole cranberries that tasted more like orange. There were no pies but the apple cinnamon kuchen with drizzled icing, a rounded tablespoon of whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream was a perfect ending. 


free stock photo

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Courtesy of Loren Penman and Facebook

How to Thaw a Frozen Turkey

Periods of Sun Have Given Way
to Clouds and Increasing Winds

The temperature at 3:27 pm is 53 degrees and there has been light rain this afternoon which may be increasing in strength and quantity in the later afternoon and early evening hours.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Submitted by Bob Cook

Today's High Forecast: 53;
Wednesday's High Forecast: 54
with Rain, Strong Winds

Monday, November 25, 2019

4 puppies walking to
Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Contributed by Loren Penman

Today's Slightly Milder Temps
and Sun are Well Appreciated

Today's High came in at 49 degrees and Tuesday's High is projected to be 50 degrees.

PAMA Annual Thanksgiving Service
is Tonight at Brick Presbyterian

The Perry Area Ministerial Association's Annual Thanksgiving Service begins at 7 pm Tonight, November 25th, hosted by Brick Presbyterian Church. Pastor Mike Kuhlkin of Hope Chapel will bring the message and the Perry Elementary School's Select Chorus under the direction of Cathie Wheeler will  perform. The community is welcomed and encouraged to attend the ecumenical gathering that features traditional hymns of thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

(Especially those Assigned to Dangerous Locations)

Courtesy act.tv and Nancy Culley's Facebook 

Slightly Warmer for Monday

Saturday, November 23, 2019

PAMA's Annual Thanksgiving Service
is on Monday at Brick Presbyterian

The Perry Area Ministerial Association's Annual Thanksgiving Service begins at 7 pm Monday, November 25th, hosted by Brick Presbyterian Church. Pastor Mike Kuhlkin of Hope Chapel will bring the message and the Perry Elementary School's Select Chorus under the direction of Cathie Wheeler will  perform The community is welcomed and encouraged to attend the ecumenical gathering that features traditional hymns of thanksgiving.

Some Sun on the Weekend;
Some Snow Saturday Night

Friday, November 22, 2019

56th Anniversary of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
November 22, 1963

This Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday
at Perry Area Local Churches

"Come, Ye Thankful People, Come" was written by Henry Alford. Many Christians are in the habit of giving thanks before meals. It is said that Henry Alford also gave thanks after meals, standing and offering his gratitude to God for the blessings just received. He also did this at the end of the day. Indeed, Alford was one of the "thankful people."
But this song isn't just about thanksgiving. It is also about work completed, a job well done. It is about aching muscles and full barns, sun-reddened faces and meals of plenty. 
It was written to be used at harvest festivals in villages throughout England. Each village observed a celebration whenever it brought in its harvest, and Alford, one of the leading churchmen in England in the nineteenth century, provided this hymn of thanks. It was originally called "After Harvest."Of course, this is not just about the work we humans do. It is also about God's work--providing growth to the crops and also causing growth in us.
Henry Alford (1810-1871)

Early Notice Allows You to
Get this on Your Calendar Now

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Wind Alert for Wyoming County
from National Weather Service

10:00 pm Thursday to 11:00 am Friday;
Light Rain this evening;
Increasing Rain overnight;
Wind Gusts as High as 50 mph;
Turning Colder this Weekend

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

'A Christmas Carol' Comes to Koinonia Inn to Benefit the Autism Nature Trail

by Bob Murphy

On Sunday, November 17th, my wife Susan and I attended the solo performance of "A Christmas Carol." The event was held at Asbury Camp and Retreat Center in Koinonia Inn on Silver Lake.

I have made it a Christmas tradition, for over 20 years, to read or watch at least 10 versions of Charles Dickens' famous story each holiday season. This one man show by Mr. Kim Tenreiro was one of the best renditions of the story I have ever heard. In Victorian garb, Mr. Tenreiro brought the Charles Dickens story to life, straight out of the book, and was so well done.

I have found over 80 renditions of "A Christmas Carol," from the original book, to plays, movies, television productions and radio versions. Of course my favorite was a comic book version published by Classics illustrated circa 1960. After the play, I returned home to watch a 1910 silent movie version.

Special thanks to Asbury staff and Loren Penman, 100% of ticket sales from this event were donated for The Autism Nature Trail at Letchworth State Park.

Merry Christmas!
And God Bless Us Every One,
Bob Murphy

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Spiritual Life Committee Urges 'HAB for Hoag' be Operational for July 2020; Seeks Tax-Saving Gifts by Dec.31, 2019

The Spiritual Life Committee has decided to move ahead on its approved project to add a handicapped accessible bathroom to Hoag in time for the 2020 Season beginning July 1st. It is planned to be built in the east end of the back room which is the northeast corner of the total building. Having accessible facilities enables us to better qualify for the programmatic grants awarded by the Arts Council of Wyoming County from New York State Grants for the Arts.

The Spiritual Life Committee suggests the following for helping this very useful dream become a reality: If you have need of reducing your reported taxable income for the 2019 tax year, please consider a sizable tax-free contribution to Silver Lake Institute, a 501c3 Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt organization, for the purpose of upgrading Hoag Memorial Art Gallery with Handicapped Accessible facilities. All donations must be received by the Institute in time to be deposited while still in the year 2019. That means your generosity must take place shortly after Christmas Day which will provide enough time for a deposit to be reflected for 2019 both in the giver's records and in those of the Institute. You will receive a Thank You Receipt for your contribution which should be kept with your tax records.

Slow Melt Continues but Ice
Still Present on Lawn Areas

Over the weekend somewhat warmer days created snow melt but very cold nights caused re-freezing. This caused one-third of the ground areas to be mud and/or leaves, one-third to be crunchy snow, and one-third to become pure ice. This continues to exist but the percentages are changing due to the slightly warmer days. Caution is still needed when walking over untreated areas.

Tuesday's Reminder for Wednesday ...

RSVP's are due tomorrow (Wednesday) by 2 pm for the SLI Thanksgiving Table at Hole in the Wall Restaurant on Standpipe Rd. Please call 493-4003 or email SLDN@mail.com with the number of persons you are planning to bring. It's all Dutch treat (pay for all your own). RSVP's are to be sure we have enough table space and chairs for our SLI group of families.

Monday, November 18, 2019

The First RSVP's to be Part of an SLI Table at Thanksgiving Choose Hole in Wall Restaurant at 2 pm, Invite all SLI

All residents, friends, and neighbors of the Silver Lake Institute, not already engaged for Thanksgiving Dinner, are invited to be a part of an SLI Thanksgiving Dinner Table at the Hole in the Wall Restaurant on Standpipe Rd., on Thanksgiving Day, one week from Thursday, at 2 pm that Thursday afternoon.

It is necessary to ask you to RSVP so we can reserve the right amount of table space and chairs for all who choose to be a part of the special day. Email or call Greg with the number of people you plan to bring. Email that number to SLDN@mail.com; or phone it (493-4003) no later than this Wednesday by 2 pm.

Individuals, couples, and families will order, pay, and tip as individuals, couples, and families, and yet be able to enjoy the warm company of SLI friends and neighbors around the table. Retired SLI Chaplain Greg Franklin will offer grace for our Thanksgiving blessings and food. Please dress casually. This opportunity is just another option for celebrating your 2019 Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing those who would choose to join us!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Would You and Your Spouse Like to be a Part of an SLI Table at One of Our Local Restaurants for Thanksgiving?

Email or call Greg about your preference of Restaurant and number of people in your party. Email your preference and number to SLDN@mail.com; 493-4003 by Tuesday no later than 5 pm.

Update: Individuals, Couples will order, pay, and tip as individuals and couples, and yet be able to enjoy the warm company of SLI friends and neighbors around the table.

Pre-Play Luncheon for SLI Residents was a Successful, Generous Gesture

Fifteen residents of the Silver Lake Institute enjoyed a simple but delicious lunch of Davina's homemade pizza in three varieties (chz/pep, chz only, dbl pep). This was accompanied by carrott- and celery-sticks and a delicious ranch dressing. Three different varieties of Canada Dry for liquid refreshment.

One table consisted of Chuck and Laura Dusel, Fay and Sarah Clark, Bob and Sue Murphy, and Greg Franklin. Another table was made up of Bob and Linda McMurtry and extended family. A third table consisted of Kris and Glynne Schultz. Loren Penman was the host for both the Pre-Play Luncheon on the street level, and the Play itself on the main floor.

Before the start of today's events, there were 25 signed up for the Luncheon, and 70 for "A Christmas Carol," the one-man play at 2 pm. The 70 pretty much made up a full house which pleased every one, as did the play.

Updated--11:24 pm Sunday.

Sunday's High, 39; Mostly Sunny,
Not as Cold; See You at Koinonia!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

A Brief History of Bishop Burt Park with Photos; Additional Photos are
Welcome to be Submitted!

To Visit the Page, Click on:
Silver Lake Institute Bishop Burt Park
Corrections, Additions also Welcome

Reminders for Sunday ...

  • Silver Lake Residents - Lunch (RSVP) Preceding ANT Benefit Play (Lower Level Koinonia) - 1:00 pm.
  • Open to Everyone - A CHRISTMAS CAROL (at Koinonia) to benefit Autism Nature Trail at Letchworth - 2:00 pm.
  • November Movie - Narrative on the Birth of Jesus - (UMC at 35 Covington) - 3:30 pm

Nights Remain Cold but Weekend will Usher In More Seasonal Daytime Temps

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Silver Lake Sailing Club Obtains Four Sunfish which will be Ready for
Next Spring with Training

Photos and Story Courtesy of Silver Lake Sailing Club and SLA

Big things are on the way at the Silver Lake Sailing Club (SLSC) for next season: SILVER LAKE SUNFISH FLEET. While there are a few lightnings and a hand full of lasers on the lake, there are lots of sunfish. So we plan to build up the club around this class for now and perhaps over time upgrade to larger boats.

SLSC has acquired four sunfish in good condition and plan to make them available to those who don't have their own sunfish. www.shorelinesailboats.com in Avon hooked us up with new sails. So with a bit of gel coat work over the Winter, the four sunfish will be looking sharp by Spring time!

Please Donate to the Trail ...

Roadways, Sidewalks May be Slippery this Morning; Visibility is Excellent

8:18 am

Special Weather Statement in
Effect until 9:15 am EST by NWS

Light snow moving through the area this morning has resulted in a quick coating of snow on untreated roads. If traveling this morning, allow extra time for your morning commute and increase your following distance. The light snow will diminish across the area by 9 am.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

21 degrees at 7:38 pm Wednesday
feels like 16 degrees

DEC Adopts Regulations to Protect
New York Deer and Moose from
Chronic Wasting Disease

Hunters Prohibited from Bringing 
Deer, Elk, Moose, or Caribou 
Carcasses into New York
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced that DEC is adopting regulatory changes that will further protect New York's wild deer and moose from Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

"Chronic Wasting Disease poses a significant threat to New York's deer and moose populations," Commissioner Seggos said. "We don't have CWD in New York, and we want to keep it that way. With these regulation changes, we are acting to reduce the likelihood that hunters or owners of captive CWD-susceptible animals may inadvertently bring the disease into the state."

DEC is working collaboratively with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (DAM) and the agricultural community to prevent CWD from gaining a foothold in New York.

Cold Continues Today, Tonight with
a Slight Break on Thursday, Friday

Last Night, over the Silver Lake basin, the snow continued into the evening hours with an accumulation  developing. It was clear, however, over Perry where many were present for the second and final perfor-mance of the Kiwanis' Beach Party Show.
Today Silver Lake has been experiencing a basically sunny day but with occasional clouds and a cold 25 degrees as a High, in spite of the sun. Tonight it is forecast as turning overcast and cold with a low of 20 which will feel like 17.
14 degrees at 6:11 am Wednesday

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday, Nov.12th Reminders ...

  1. Snow Storm is over and gone by dawn; roads plowed.
  2. Lunch Reservations for SLI residents are due TODAY for Sunday's 1:00 pm Lunch which precedes A Christmas Carol at 2:00 pm.
  3. The Second and Final Presentation of the Rotary Show is 7 pm Tonight at the Perry Central High School auditorium.

Snow Finishes Up Before Dawn;
Total Approximately 4-6 Inches;
Sunny, Cold with Flurries Today
Posted 10:10 am                               Photo Courtesy Silver Lake Institute

Monday, November 11, 2019

WNY's Snow Storm Finally Covers
Most of WNY and the Snow is Falling; Forecast Calls for Another 6 1/2 Hours


Radar Courtesy of National Weather Service

First Snow, Now the Cold ...
Update: It's Snowing at the Lake

Graphics Courtesy of AccuWeather
The National Weather Service is still forecasting heavy snow, 7 to 11 inches, overnight and possibly beginning late this evening. Most of today's snow hit west and north of Silver Lake whose snow total for the daylight hours was in the neighborhood of two inches. Tonight's low of 21 will feel more like a meager +4 degrees, and tomorrow's high won't feel much warmer--24 will feel like +11 degrees.

Snow Storm Continues in its Path North/East, Bypassing Silver Lake

Radar Courtesy of NWS

Silver Lake Communities did not receive any additional snow than the two inches we initially received earlier today. The weather system and the winds continued as they were earlier this afternoon which kept pushing "around" the eastern areas of Wyoming County. At times, the system came very close to Silver Lake and even grew cloudier but was unable to come over us.

Notice in the bottom left hand corner of the radar photo appears a lot like the system that was supposed to hit us a lot earlier today. The system that was supposed to spread across all of Western NY has yet to accomplish that forecast. At least night #1 of the Rotary Show was clear for driving and parking. There is one more presentation of the show tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 7 pm at the Perry Central High School.

Radar Shows Reason for Light Snow in Early Afternoon; Heavy Snow to Come

From morning up to about 1:30 pm Monday, winds were coming across Lake Erie in a northeasterly direction. When the lake effect snow got over land, it appeared that some dry wind from the south (Allegany and Chautauqua counties) pushed the snow clouds almost due north before resuming a northeasterly direction. This created bands of snow that were intermittently touching the Silver Lake basin. It is coming up to 2 pm and since 1:30 pm, all snow has been missing the eastern shore of Silver Lake.

As the afternoon progresses, the lake effect will involve all of Lake Erie and the wind direction will be mostly easterly but also some north-easterly causing it to cover most of Western New York.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Winter Storm Warning for Wyoming and Western New York for Monday

Travel will be very difficult. Conditions will deteriorate during the day today, with the heaviest snowfall rates and worst travel from late this afternoon through tonight.


Silver Lake Institute Friends, Neighbors Must Act by Tuesday to Join in

It's not too late for Silver Lake friends to spend some quality time together a week from today -- Sunday, November 17th -- at Koinonia to kick off the 2019 holiday season.


For a $25 tax-deductible donation to The Autism Nature Trail at Letchworth State Park (a VERY worthy cause), you get:

  • A homemade pizza lunch
  • Elegant Dickens-themed desserts and beverages
  • A unique production of "A Christmas Carol"
  • Fellowship with wonderful Silver Lakers

All the details are below.  Email or call Loren (409-6931) with any questions.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 5.09.20 PM.png

Attachments area

Be a Supporter of this Worthy Cause ...

RSVP for Silver Lake Institute Lunch Deadline TUESDAY.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Enthusiastic Group of 18 Danced, Ate, Heard Gary from Letchworth Give Comedic Talk on Lectures, Butterflies

Sometimes the planned schedule is overcome by the inspiration of the moment and such was the experience for the Fall Fun & Frolic at Koinonia this evening. Gary was scheduled as an extra but turned out to be unexpectedly humorous in his presentation about what's available at Letchworth during the winter (and summer). The portion of his talk on the Monarch Butterfly was captivating and had the group fully engaged in the 4-generational life cycle of the Monarch's travel from Western New York to Mexico and back. It was not only fun, but also educational.

Eighteen were present, but we believe that holding the fall event after dark, discouraged some from traveling to it. If we do another fall event, we may move it up to the daylight hours, possibly as a luncheon. As always, your feedback is valuable in the decision making process. Speak to any committee member including Glynne and Kris Schultz, Frederick and Esther Schuknecht, Linda Peet, and Greg Franklin.

Our second event for this winter season is scheduled for Saturday, February 1st, 2020. As it draws closer, more information will become available. At the present time it is set for 4:30 pm but, again, your input is extremely valuable. Also valuable is your opinion as to whether to continue the mid-winter event as a pizza party or something else. Please speak to any committee member at your earliest convenience.

Installation Service for Pastor Chip Davidson, New Pastor of Perry First Baptist is Set for Sunday, Nov. 17th

Craig "Chip" Davidson will be serving as the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Perry NY and his Installation Service is scheduled for a week from tomorrow, Nov. 17th, 2019. He has been serving as an Associate Pastor in Mississippi and is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. He is married and he and his wife have two young sons. A big welcome has been planned for that day.

The Count Down is On for the SLI Fall Fun & Frolic at Koinonia Dining Room

Silver Lake Institute 4:00 pm 11-9-19 --- Just 3 1/2 hours away (beginning at 6:30 pm) from Donuts & Cider Day for residents of the Silver Lake Institute. An opportunity to get together with friends and neighbors for some catching up, relaxing, good conversation, optional games of spoons, cards, scrabble. A variety of frycakes and donuts (made today) plus HOT and cold fresh apple cider (the hot cider will be mulled without anise) and HOT coffee and tea.

via GIPHY                                Hosted by SLI Mid-Winters Survivors Group
27 degrees at 9:00 am Saturday
37 degrees at 3:53 pm Saturday

Today, Saturday, all SLI Residents
are Invited to Get Out of the Cold,
and into the warm Fall Fun & Frolic

In spite of the cold the new event for this evening is the Fall Fun & Frolic put on by the SLI Mid-Winters Survivors Group for SLI residents. It will be tonight, Nov. 9th, at 6:30 pm in Koinonia Dining Room. It features donuts, fry-cakes, HOT & cold apple cider, HOT coffee and tea. Informal with great company and conversations, games of spoons, scrabble, and a guest from Letchworth to brief us on their winter schedule of events which will then be published in this SLDN (Newsletter). $2 per person to cover the food and drink. SLI residents are welcome whether or not they eat and drink. Hope to see you there to spend a little time with friends and neighbors!

Friday, November 8, 2019

20 degrees at 10 pm Friday evening.
25 degrees at 8 pm Friday evening.

Houghton College Offers Senior Adults (60 Years and Older), Wellness, Creativity, and Learning

Houghton College invites you to be part of an initiative to provide life-long learning opportunities to senior adults (60 years and older) in the region. Building on already existing programming and services,  they plan to deliver an increased number of educational, recreational, and socially enriching experiences in a Christ-centered, academically excellent environment. "Encore" allows you to build friendships, relax and immerse yourself in wellness, creativity, and learning.

ENCORE participants must complete an enrollment form and pay a one-time $15 enrollment fee. For the enrollment form, see Frederick Schuknecht, Greg Franklin, or: Houghton College, One Willard Avenue, Houghton, NY 14744 (585-567-9200), www.houghton.edu. Upon completion of the form, each member will receive:
  • A Houghton College ID card
  • A guest parking pass
  • Faculty/Staff pricing in the dining hall
  • Use of the college library collection
  • A weekly schedule of events and building/office hours

Sample programming may include:

Artist Joey Malik showing Oookah Bookah Tribe of Muck Muck Village
through Dec. 3; Reception: Nov. 15

Regular Firearms Season for Deer and Bear Hunting in Southern Zone Starts Nov.16; DEC says: Report your Harvest

DEC Reminds Hunters to Follow Safety Steps 
and to Pass Up Shots on Young Bucks


Tomorrow, Saturday, all SLI Residents are Invited to Get Out of the Cold, into the warm Fall Fun & Frolic

In spite of the cold the new event  for tomorrow evening is the Fall Fun & Frolic put on by the SLI Mid-Winters Survivors Group for SLI residents. It will be Saturday, Nov. 9th at 6:30 pm in Koinonia Dining Room. It features donuts, fry-cakes, HOT & cold apple cider, HOT coffee and tea. Informal with great company and conversations, games of spoons, scrabble, and a guest from Letchworth to brief us on their winter schedule of events which will then be published in this SLDN (Newsletter). $2 per person to cover the food and drink. SLI residents are welcome whether or not they eat and drink. Hope to see you there to spend a little time with friends and neighbors!

Friday: A Little More Snow, Cold; Saturday: Dry, Partly Sunny, Cold

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Blast from the Past

Jack Fisher (left) and Clarence Clark (right); circa early 1950's

Movie for November

Movie Afternoon at Perry First United Methodist:
Join us for this month's movie - The Nativity - 
on Sunday, November 17 at 3:30 PM.  
Get a jump start to your Advent Journey 
as we share in a great adaptation 
of the birth narrative of Jesus. 
See you there.

Precipitation is Now a Light Snow; Electrical Bucket Truck is on the
Back Lot of Hoffner Cottage

NYSEG Tree workers have just completed working between the Hoffner and Hunter (Gould) properties' NYSEG right of way this afternoon. They corrected the problem involving the downed branch that was holding down an Ames Ave. cottage's electrical wires yesterday. Earlier this morning, SLI Groundsman Dan Dake relieved the pressure on the wires by releasing them from the branch. The wires were freed but continued to hang dangerously low. The bucket truck just zipped away to return to its regularly scheduled work for Thursday.

Dan is now working to clear the downed tree on the Franklin property's NYSEG right of way so the bucket truck could complete the more urgent work of raising the live wires. Those live wires were within the reach of children, animals, and adults unwittingly coming upon a dangerous situation camouflaged by falling snow and diminished light from clouds and early evening sunsets.

The downed tree trunk, with its mostly sucker branches, will now become part of the wood heat that keeps the bitter cold out of the SLI shop and garage after being cut down to appropriate sizes. In the meantime the snowfall has created a coating on rooftops, lawns and bushes but the streets remain mostly wet with the beginnings of a coating at approximately 2:30 pm.

Snow-Rain mix will total a Coating to an Inch, making Roads, Sidewalks Slippery; Saturday: No Precip, Hi 38

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tree Branches Bring Down Wires of Unoccupied Cottages, 1 Phone Wire

Returning from an early afternoon doctor's appointment, I discovered the Electric company's massive tree trimming and removal bucket truck situated at a 45 degree angle on my side lot removing all the branches from a tree situated very close to the power pole where the electric wires traveled to several cottages in the immediate area, one of which is currently unoccupied. By the time their work day was over, they had also brought down the entire tree which was clearly black and moldy on the inside of the bottom section. Hopefully they will return to remove the pieces and parts of all that they brought down.

Because their huge truck was parked where I usually park, I pulled into Hoffner's back lot and parked. That's when I observed a very large branch mostly down but not fully touching the ground. The heavy branch was being held about 18 inches above the ground by electrical wires from a different utility pole which appeared to be going to the second cottage on Ames Ave. which is, I believe, not occupied at this time of year. While the tree branch and wires were laying close to Hunters' cottage, it appeared that the wires to their cottage were unaffected. 

I reported the downed tree branch and wires to the SLI groundsman who stopped by to check on the work being done, and he immediately reported it to the men at the bucket truck who said they would take care of it. My phone wire was also down, but it is currently not in use. (I have a cable phone.) All in an afternoon's observations.      --G.A.F. 

UPDATE: I noted the groundsman's truck at the end of the street Thursday at 7:30 am and when I went to move my car, I noticed that the tension which the large branch was creating on the wires had been relieved and the wires were free from the branch and hanging at least twice as high as they had been before.

Tree, rotten at ground level, was taken down Wednesday.