Monday, October 7, 2019

Unexpected Discussion
of SLI Handbook Results in
Change of Publication Method

The Grounds Committee's Annual Inspection of residential properties report resulted in a discussion about the hesitancy to use fines as a vehicle of enforcement for those not keeping their property clean, uncluttered, mowed, and buildings in good repair. (See article in SLI Password Section).

The Grounds discussion which involved the Handbook and which followed a discussion of the new SLI website, resulted in a discussion of the potential regular re-printing of the Handbook to keep up with changes, additions, or subtractions to the rule book. The Board had previously determined to publish enough loose-leaf bound paper copies for all residents, enabling an inexpensive way to make additions in the loose-leaf binder without re-printing the entire Handbook.

The two discussions (Handbook and Website) caused the suggestion of not printing the Handbook at all, but rather placing it on the new website where changes would be even less expensive to make. They also approved two printed copies which would be kept in the SLI office. Unfortunately, those two copies for the office may cost a significant percentage of what 75 copies would have cost since the print set-up and press runs are such large portions of the overall job. 

The Silver Lake Newsletter placed the 2002 SLI Handbook on our online location back in 2010 and it, alone, cost us absolutely nothing since the website host is free to use. Since there is an online computer in the SLI office, it may not be necessary to have paper copies in the office. Once drawn up on the computer, individual Handbook pages can be copied from the electronic copy on the SLI office computer screen for the cost of a single sheet of paper and the copy machine toner for one sheet.

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