Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thanks, Dan; Neatness Appreciated!

There is little doubt about it, the fall leaves are gorgeous this year with both bright and in-depth colors following a spring and summer of life-giving green. Nevertheless, streets are not a natural part of the life cycle and so the removal of leaves is just as refreshing, at times, as the beautiful hanging and equally beautiful falling leaves.


  1. this won't get posted was talking to someone yesterday about how dumb it was to be picking up leaves the last 2 days in the wind wasting gas putting more hours on the equipment guess i was wrong

  2. I'm a "let's try to stay ahead of the game" type of guy.

    mow before it gets long,
    plow before it gets deep,
    rake before they turn brown and sticky,
    and kill the grass beneath.

  3. We could use another volunteer like you bring your shovel and rake and help us stay ahead of the game

  4. Greg you are 100% correct that tire on a blower is flat that's the way our equipment is maintained

  5. If ever you see a low tire on my car (especially the passenger side), by all means let me know! I can use all the help I can get!