Sunday, October 6, 2019

SLI Board Approves a Coordinated Boat Hoist Policy Beginning this Spring

The annual practice of installing boat hoists individually and randomly has been creating a problem for those who are not among the first to get it done. The slips do not allow for extra space and if a neighbor gets his hoist a little too close, installing another in the neighboring slip is made much more difficult.

Trustees who are also boaters were aware that it was time that a coordinated plan come into being. Details of the plan will become available closer to Spring next year, but it appears that one date will be chosen and one installer will be used to accomplish the installation of all boat hoists. They will be installed in a coordinated fashion, beginning at one end and moving toward the other end. This is estimated to cost between $20-$25 per hoist, and individual lessees will be billed for the service.

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