Monday, October 28, 2019

Personal Resolution

Last year's 'off-season' was a long one! One reason it dragged on was the snow showers which just would not stop even beyond the end of April. A second reason is that my vehicle gave up the ghost in early November and I was without wheels until this past June.

I have resolved for this 'off-season' to be much more intentional about getting out of the house, getting with other people, and enjoying some of the many opportunities put on by community and church groups. Such is the Harvest Dinner this Saturday:  The menu is right up my alley! (See right hand column for details.)

The following Saturday is the SLI Donuts & Cider evening out and since I love both donuts and cider, I can already tell it will be a good evening! It begins at 6:30 pm Nov. 9th. I am hoping to see many of you whom I haven't seen much yet. 

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