Friday, October 11, 2019

NYSDA Approves Grant for New Roof, Drainage; Second Grant Received
for Lighting, Wiring for Spring

Courtesy of Jim McManus Photography, Rochester, N.Y.

Epworth Hall, built in 1892, the third oldest building, still standing and in regular use, supersedes the Amphitheater (1888-1918), and the Hall of Philosophy (1889-1972). Epworth is the gem of the Institute, warmly referred to as the Epworth Hall Performing Arts Center of the Silver Lake Institute. 

The acoustics are so good, musical artists call us to perform here. The Center is also used as the rehearsal and rain location for the Shake on the Lake Actors Company--home based at Silver Lake. Lake-wide events are also scheduled at the Hall because it seats the largest indoor audiences from the Lake community. 

Such is true of the Annual Celebration of Lives Lived, recognizing and honoring those Lakers who have passed within the last twelve months prior to the celebration which is scheduled on the last Sunday morning of each July. This Silver Lake Newsletter carries these names throughout the year up through the date of the latest celebration. Anyone with a friend or relative who made their home anywhere around the Lake, is welcome to submit their name and contact information to Ms. Joan Maddison, who can be reached by email at

The Epworth Hall Performing Arts Center is used extensively by the biennial Silver Lake Experience, put on by the Silver Lake Institute and the Asbury Retreat Center. The event, scheduled every other year, is a three-day event of workshops (hands-on, lecture, and audio-visual presentations) made up of current issues, social justice, music, entertainment, projects to take home, projects involving tasting and desserts. "Save the Dates: Silver Lake Experience 2021: August 5-8, 2021. Thank you for making the Silver Lake Experience a success." More information at www.

General questions can be submitted to gregfranklin14549

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