Monday, October 7, 2019

Mid-Winter Survivors Seek to
Expand Off-Season Activities

For some, the Mid-Winter Survivors are moving too slowly when it comes to developing additional winter (or "off-season") activities. For others, the Survivors are moving at a very adequate speed especially when dealing with new concepts and ideas. And, yes, there are a few who believe the Survivors are moving a little too rapidly; after all, there was nothing during winter in 2016-17, and only one event in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

This year--2019-2020--is the first year for having two events: Fall Fun & Frolic on Nov. 9th; and Mid-Winters Survivors Pizza Party on Feb. 1st. Pizza has not officially been voted in yet. Opinions are welcome (493-4003) or Also this year, the Asbury Retreat Center is sponsoring a Christmas Brunch Dec. 15th (11:30a-1:00p) that the Survivors have been supporting with advertising and word of mouth. Unfortunately for some the cost will be a determining factor even though the value of cost to benefit is reasonable.

The Mid-Winter Survivors Planning Committee will be examining this year's events very carefully to see if any patterns are developing and how attendance is being affected as the committee seeks to plan ahead for 2020-21. They will also be looking to the Retreat Center for an opinion on repeating their first Christmas Brunch for a second year. The budget assistance by the Trustees (Oct. 2019 for 2020) will help immensely in the planning process for both continuing activities and for new ideas.

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