Wednesday, October 9, 2019

AN EDITORIAL STATEMENT on the subject of abandoning our faithful comrades in arms can be found by clicking on "Read More" in the blue print below, to the left:

EDITORIAL STATEMENT ---- Anyone who has served in one of the branches of the military, knows how essential it is to be aware of who your friends are and (and where they are), and who your enemies are (and where they are). This week, the Commander in Chief abandoned our friends in Syria--the Kurds. 

Our troops know how much we owe the Kurds' commitment to us and their ultimate sacrifices on our behalf. There is a high degree of sadness and extreme embarrassment within the ranks of our U.S. Military. Abandoning our comrades in arms is not what all our training was about.

This tragedy reminds me of the day in 1975 that we abandoned so many of our allies and left them to fend off the invading North Vietnamese Army marching into Saigon while avoiding a blood bath. I lost a good friend who was our battalion's interpreter. He was one of those left behind.
Both of these abandonment's were brought about by our civilian leadership--namely President Nixon in 1973, and President Trump in 2019. What a terrible psychological blow to the men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces with regard to the serious betrayal of our Kurdish friends left to the invading forces of Turkey and their high tech military.

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