Friday, September 20, 2019

Winter Survivors Planning Committee Prepares for First Meeting of 2019-20

After weeks of email communications between committee members, the date has finally arrived when the full committee will get together to choose which discussions and ideas will be the winning ones for this winter season. This will be the third year of  winter gatherings and the first year to schedule two for the season, the first being in November and the second February 1st (Ground Hog's Eve).

One of the questions with which the committee is dabbling is that of offering options or choices. For example, those who would like to eat together could (1) RSVP for the meal prior to the fellowship time, and those who prefer to (2) RSVP for dessert and hot 'n cold soft drinks just prior to the fellowship, or  those who prefer to (3) arrive for the fellowship time after all the eating is done.

Anyone is welcome to give your thoughts or opinions on what you would prefer to see at winter gatherings by emailing either Greg Franklin ( or Glynne Schultz ( The committee will meet tomorrow evening, Saturday, Sept. 21. Details of the meeting will be released immediately following the meeting.

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