Friday, September 6, 2019

'They Came in the Thousands'

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Walking up Wesley Avenue
1875-The Ticket Gate at the Tracks
Photo above shows the arrival of persons coming to SLI, first named Camp Wesley, by train excursion, circa 1876-1886. After exiting the train, guests would pass through the elaborate ticket gate located just yards south-east of the train station and tracks, where they would purchase a one-day ticket for 15
cents, or a season ticket for $1.00. Later, in the 1891-1905 years, Gate tickets increased because of the high cost of good programs, musicians, and professors: 31 days = $2.50; 1 week = $1.00; 1 day = .25 (cents). Furnished cottages per season were going for $50 and up.

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