Sunday, September 8, 2019

SLI Retired Chaplain Trips, Falls,'Can't Get Up'; Luckily Has Lifeline Contact

"I was having a good day," said Rev. Greg Franklin, as he was explaining his fall to the paramedics, "wasn't even in need of my canes. I was taking two white kitchen garbage bags (one at a time) out to the big plastic container that keeps the garbage away from the animals. There was no problem with the first bag, but when I got out the door for the second time, my right foot got caught on the rubber mat that prevents a slippery surface. When I tried to catch my balance, I quickly realized that my left leg was also caught in the now-partially rolled mat. I only had time to prepare for my fall."

Rev. Franklin said he was able to prevent broken bones through a rolling movement which included holding his head as high above the wooden ramp as he could to avoid striking it on the ramp. He came down on his right leg, with a significant gash and large "brush burn" area which was complicated by his poor leg circulation which requires a very long healing time. The bleeding had stopped by the time my health proxies arrived followed very shortly after by the Castile (CFD) EMT Ambulance.

"With the help of so many (two proxies and three EMTs) they were able to move me onto a chair while EMT Steve from Lake Ave., Perry, dressed my wounds. When that was done, I had to sign the 'no further treatment' forms mandated by NYS. Then these dedicated men (all five of them) got me on my feet without pain," said Rev. Greg.

Mr. Franklin purchased the Lifeline equipment about two months ago for $200 and pays $89 a month for the monitoring service which includes three different emergency buttons. One button around my neck for use inside the house, one unit which works anywhere outside the home, and one unit for the bathroom.

"I never really thought I would be using the service until something like a heart attack or stroke. I almost felt guilty pushing the button because I felt fine (except for my leg) but honestly could not get up though I tried many times for what seemed to be a long time. I'm just tremendously happy that the system works and I was able to spend the night back inside my cottage."

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