Saturday, September 14, 2019

SLI Board Cooperates with DEC Rules while Seeking Lowest Cost
for Garbage Pickup

The Silver Lake Institute is always on the search for efficient, yet effective ways of getting business done for its resident-members. The SLI Board is changing contractors for garbage disposal in order to save a minimum of 1/2 on each dumpster. 

The final garbage transfer will be completed with the Waste Management Company on September 26th, which will include picking up all Waste Management dumpsters and totes that belong to them. Effective October 1st, our service contract is with Republic which also services Asbury.

With Republic and in line with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), all garbage, trash, and recyclables are handled by the Groundskeeper, Dan Dake for our unique community. In other words, all garbage, trash, and recyclables will be picked up at each resident's address on Tuesdays. Under DEC Rules, we cannot have a "Dump" or transfer station which involves unauthorized residents or non-residents making garbage or recycling contributions throughout the week. 

The Dumpsters must be under lock and key and not available to the residents or to the public. This conforms to DEC by keeping tract of what person(s) is(are) responsible for correct collection and transfer of garbage, trash, and recyclables. The Waste Management totes outside the office and shop will not be replaced because they do not conform to DEC Rules for our community.

Two 6-yard locked dumpsters will be available only to authorized staff--one for garbage and trash and the other locked dumpster for recyclables. This may be adjusted for the Spring Clean Out. Recyclables can not be dumped or deposited anywhere other than a resident's own address on a Tuesday morning pickup day. Residents may use the green recyclable containers or any other container marked recyclables.

Large items in need of trashing, must first be called in to Dan Dake who will then give a pickup date for that item, based on space availability in the Dumpsters. Dan may also have to schedule additional help depending on size and weight of the item needing to be trashed.

The SLI Board has asked that the word be spread about this change: There is no more dump and there is no more dumping in our community, according to DEC. Our local rules will now be made to officially conform to DEC Rules. Official "No Dumping" signs will be obtained and posted.

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