Thursday, September 12, 2019

Silver Lake Association, Silver Lake Institute to Hold Separate Monthly Meetings both this Saturday, 9/14

SLA President Mark Emerson confirms that The Silver Lake Association will meet at The Club in the upper meeting room at 9:00 am. SLA encourages all SLA members/ residents to attend this informational meeting. Presentations of the Perry Beach Project, Silver Lake Trail update, lake water level operations, Pieces of Perry En Plein Air, Silver Lake Experience summary, Silver Serpent Triathlon plans, and Water Quality information including an update of dredging will be discussed. Silver Lake Marine, Silverlaken, Sailing on Silver Lake and information on other events will be shared. "If you can spare the time once in a summer season, this SLA meeting is the one to attend. The meeting will be held at The Club at Silver Lake Restaurant at 9 AM (second floor)," concluded Mr. Emerson. 
SLI President Kevin Colburn has confirmed that The Silver Lake Institute Trustees will meet at Epworth Hall at 10:00 am (all residents are welcome). Traditionally, results of this past 2019 Season will be reported and reviewed. Highlights will be emphasized.

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