Wednesday, September 25, 2019

S-L Newsletter Will Cease Publishing SLI Trustee Documents as New
SLI Website Goes Online

UPDATE 9/27/19 --- The current Silver Lake Newsletter (SLN) began publishing Board-Approved Minutes of the Trustee Meetings back when first established in 2010. Not long after that, the SLI 2002 Handbook, Charter, Budget, Annual Meeting, and the SLI Slip Waiting List were also published and maintained for the convenience of the residential community. 

Following SLI Trustee Board approval in 2010 to serve as one of the Board's several communication tools, the website was established and was able to start up almost immediately. The relationship with the Board was congenial and cooperative through 2016. Time often brings changes and the working relationship began to change when Trustee Lisa Schiske first left the Board and later when Trustee Greg Franklin was asked to leave his term as a Trustee early because he had been elected by the Upper NY Conference and that separation from the Conference was about to take place (Feb. 2016). 

The separation brought changes and one of the results of those changes was that the S-L Newsletter was used less and less as an official publication and became more and more of an independent publication until the winter of 2018 when the Institute and the S-L Newsletter agreed to donate the domain to the Institute. That name change transaction solidified the S-L Newsletter's independence and its previously expanded coverage to all areas around the lake took on a higher priority. The expansion continued its special emphasis on the Association (SLA), the Institute (SLI), and the Experience (SLE) since their extensive work and program schedules demonstrated an interest for it. 

During the last 18 months, the S-L Newsletter placed a page counter on each of the SLI Report Pages and was able to determine a very low interest in those pages among the S-L Newsletter readership. Since these documents are much more appropriately included in the new Board-authorized online publication, it makes sense not to duplicate that particular work load. The priority of the Newsletter is to carry news and stories from all around the Lake as opposed to being a repository for records. The S-L Newsletter is pleased to serve in new and broadening ways.

Since these SLI records and files were located on the SLI Password Page, the S-L Newsletter has recently streamlined and shortened the Password Page by eliminating the publication of these documents. This was accomplished sooner than anticipated and some redesigning of the password page is being considered.

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