Thursday, September 5, 2019

Quiet, Slow Drives Along Lakeview Ave. for Fall, Winter, Spring Back 'en Vogue'

While the summertime may be the prime time for most activities in and around Silver Lake, it is not the time for a slow, relaxing ride along Lakeview Ave. from one end to the other. Thoughtless drivers have made it necessary in the past number of years to protect our chiildren and grandchildren from those who become either speed demons on a 15 mph road and/or pick up speed as they spin around corners. They seem mostly oblivious to the presence of children. After all, what would THEY (children) be doing HERE? That, my friend, is the wrong question---what are YOU doing here?

This thoughtless and dangerous conduct with one's motorized vehicle, have made it necessary to use speed bumps in an attempt to protect our neighbors and our children and grandchildren. We've had to sacrifice the enjoyment of that slow, smooth and relaxing ride on Lakeview Ave. because of those who do not care about the safety of our neighborhoods. The speed bumps are now off the road because preparations have begun for the winter season and its related snow plowing. The absence of speed bumps is no invitation to speed or ignore stop signs. You just might discover your license plate number resting peacefully at the County Sheriff's office.

It's not that you are not welcome; all are welcome to enjoy this neighborhood along the lake shore just as long as you respect it as a neighborhood, filled with walkers and at unexpected times, filled with children at play. There are only three (3) expectations of our guests---(1) drive at 15 mph or less, (2) come to a complete stop at each and every stop sign,  and (3) drive not only defensively but with extreme caution giving priority to all pedestrians. You are a guest on private property; even the road is the private property of the Silver Lake Institute.

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