Saturday, September 21, 2019

Local Artists Each Picked their Favorite SLI Spot for Painting at the Sept. 21st
Thru 22nd En Plein Air Art Festival

A group of about 22 local artists came to the Silver Lake Institute in mid-morning to lay claim to their favorite location on of the Lake,  and the Silver Lake Institute. Some have said that their work for the day will be donated to tomorrow's Art Auction at the Hole in the Wall Restaurat beginning at 2:30 pm Sunday.

(Staff Photo taken approximately 11:30 am)

(Sue Hunter Photo taken approximately 1:20 pm)

(Sue Hunter Photo taken approximately 1:30 pm)

We hope to have more photos from the Greenway and one from Epworth Hall, but Microsoft has filed them somewhere where even the internal search engine can't find them ... but I have given up hope. When we find them, we will post the notice right here! 

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