Thursday, September 19, 2019

Last Story Told as Figurative Curtain Lowers on 2019 Dessert on the Dock

As fate would have it, I just happened to be the last person of three to walk the Heritage Walkway last night on my way home from the final Dessert on the Dock for this year. One of the two others said that The Blog's account of the evening should be both interesting and meaningful with so many hugs and goodbyes. To that, the second person responded:

"Every morning I get my coffee and the first thing I do is read The Silver Lake Blog. Then I read the Batavia Daily. It is only then that I am ready to deal with my local news."

The Blog is the nickname given to what is now the Silver Lake Newsletter. Indeed, it's been a wild and wonderful journey from 2010 to the present, and stories like this one and other words of encouragement keep this hobby enjoyable.

Thanks be to God and all our wonderful friends and neighbors who make this place the very special place that it is. Keep watch for the stories of this year's winter frolics.

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