Friday, September 27, 2019

For SLA, SLI the Magic of Silver Lake Extended into September this Year

Kudos and commendations to SLA President Mark Emerson, and his very capable assistants and committees who put together a spectacular presentation on what it means to be a citizen-resident of Silver Lake and a Perry neighbor.

The Silver Lake Association's Sept. 14th meeting was one of the finest and most comprehensive presentations of life and progress in this area. It seemed to those present that not a stone was left unturned. 

The Water Quality Committee was present to update the community about the important and dynamic work in keeping up with our prime resource here--The Lake!

The Perry Main Street Association was represented and told the amazing story of the rejuvenation of the Village's Main Street. The boarded up store fronts are hopefully a thing of the past, and new businesses are opening up. Now it's up to the local and surrounding communities to help make it work by some important, regular patronizing. 

The Silver Lake Institute's representatives to the Silver Lake Association asked the SLI Board to avoid future scheduling of "overlap" meetings on the same day as the SLA's regular meeting. At a minimum it was suggested that SLI avoid the SLA's September meeting. SLI Board members were told all they have to do is not "approve" a date and time that conflicts with SLA. Sounds good, but in order for that to work, "the next meeting" needs to be on the agenda regularly.

Here's a challenge for the SLA to consider. Meetings are held on the second floor of The Club, which, we are told, is not handicapped accessible for which there is no easy answer. That's why it's called a challenge. [In the meantime, the Silver Lake Newsletter is in need of a reporter who can climb stairs to report the results of meetings.]

Both of these Boards have important work to accomplish for our Silver Lake Community and beyond. Our cooperative "spirits" must now make it possible for the community to support both organizations unhindered by conflicting schedules or partially "inaccessible" buildings.

Many thanks to both volunteer Boards for their committed and timely work on behalf of the Silver Lake community!

Special thanks to the SLI Program Committee for allowing "lake magic" through three additional Wednesdays of "Dessert on the Dock" in September!

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