Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Dessert on the Dock Draws 9 who
Also Observed Sunset Afterglow;
One More Next Wed. at 7:00 pm

When the clouds thickened today and the cool wind blew aggressively onto the shore and through the Lakeview residential area, the Dessert on the Dock was "cancelled" in the very late afternoon. Somehow, most who were planning to come--did so, not being aware of anything cancelled. So the phone calls went out and everyone (so far as we know) who wanted to be there wound up being there. The spontaneity of it all made for an exciting atmosphere which appeared to be enjoyed by all. It was noted that Fred Nobbs' decaf coffee was delicious as were the sweets!

As of this time, one more Dessert on the Dock is planned for 7:00 (not 7:30) pm next Wednesday, September 11, 2019. Location in case of rain or cold is Hoag's First Floor.

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