Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dessert on the Dock Draws 18; Those Present Decide on Another for 9/18;
Earlier Time Because Sunset Earlier

An absolutely beautiful day with the temperature starting at the day's high of 81 and moving into the very comfortable 70's. The sun was offering its direct rays to us with some cloud cover moving in and out of those rays. The warm breezes moved in and around all of those who were present and enhanced our time together as we experienced an "extension" of summer .... and the desserts were exquisite, homemade and delicious. The start time has been moved up to 7:00 pm because of the earlier "setting" of the sun.

In the last few minutes of the event, an informal one-to-one poll was taken and those present agreed that there would be ample people who said they would come next week Wednesday to plan yet another Dessert on the Dock in hopes of equally nice weather. Nevertheless, they were happy to confirm being here even if it had to be in Hoag because of weather.

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