Monday, September 2, 2019

Big Blue Dock Established as 2020's Prime Location for Worship Services

Stoody Hall was the primary location for SLI worship services for the 2019 Season. The Spiritual Life Committee and the worshiping community has had the opportunity of experiencing the pro's and con's of worship services at Stoody Hall. The committee received testimony from a young adult mother who said that Stoody Hall is not flexible nor does it have extra space for infants, toddlers, and baby carriages.

The evaluation included a comparison between Stoody Hall and Hoag Memorial. A big benefit of Hoag is its extra room in the back which lends itself for a section devoted to young children and parents, and yet close enough to hear the service.

Following the meeting, it was further observed by several committee members that Hoag's side room (or Hoag's NE side of the back room) holds greater possibilities for an ADA lavatory than the more restrictive space at Stoody Hall. Adding this to Hoag would be such a positive improvement that fund raising is not seen as any impediment to such a project. 

This past year of 2019 was a year of experiment and transition for the Spiritual Life Committee and its constituents. Three special services were held in Epworth Hall which included the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Julie Hoffner's time as accompaniment musician for the Silver Lake Institute. 

Also at Epworth was the Lake-wide opening service for the Silver Lake Experience 2019 with co-chair Sue Russell speaking. "The Lake-wide Celebration of Lives Lived" (the former Memorial Service) was held at Epworth and most likely will continue to be held at Epworth because of its emphasis on service to the wider lake community.

After examining these factors and the love that people have for the Big Dock at the lake shore, the Spiritual Life Committee agreed to establish the Big Blue Dock and the Green area parallel to the Heritage Walkway as the official location for worship services for the 2020 Season with Hoag Memorial being the rain location.

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