Saturday, September 28, 2019

After Several Years' Work the LRPC, Project Leader S. Bristow, Gives Up Dated SLI Handbook to Exec. Cmte.

The Executive Committee of the Silver Lake Institute, now has in its possession, the latest updated SLI Handbook, ready for their review, corrections, and additions before the full Trustee Board approves it as the latest official edition of the SLI 2020 Handbook. In it, both residents and prospective residents can examine both the public conduct expected of all residents, renters, and visitors, the basic and common sense rules the community expects us to follow to keep the peace.

A brief history is also included, along with definitions of words and terms to which the Handbook refers, and permit forms such as the tree removal permit and the renters' agreement form. You'll be able to know the rules and thereby live a rich and rewarding life here at the Institute, easily avoiding treading on unknown phenomena. One can read all about the state-issued charter which lays out the purpose of the municipality and its 501c3 non-profit organization, the requirements of NYS, and the appointed authority of the Trustees and their Officers within the borders of the Institute and on all of its public grounds and the upkeep and neat appearance of all private property.

An educated, cooperative, and neighbor-friendly resident makes for good friends, great neighbors, and a peaceful lifestyle.

The LRPC (Long Range Planning Committee) did not update or specifically deal with any penalties with regard to the violation of rules. The Trustees are authorized by NYS to set the rules, explain the cost of each particular violation, the amount of time you have to fix the problem and to make payment of the fine. In the past unpaid fines were either placed on the cottage as a lien or added to the tax bill, and of course had to be paid before the property could change hands. Delay in paying used to increase the amount of the fine. Since the LRPC was unaware of the rule violation policies of tThe newly elected Board, they did not spend the time working out the details of any penalties or fines or their payment stipulations.

In the 1980s we had a security force because of local teenage gangs that proved to be very destructive without lots of surveillance and enforcement with assistance from the Wyoming County Sheriff. Those days are gone as are the days of the security force. The community places great dependence on individual responsibility in keeping the peace and serenity throughout our grounds. Our many guests can attest to the general success of our current policies.

The Board will communicate with residents when their work is done and when the printed, loose-leaf binder and its contents are ready for distribution. Loose-leaf binding will allow for additions and changes without re-printing an entire permanently-bound booklet. Thanks for your patience. 

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