Saturday, September 28, 2019

1-800-Got-Junk Helps Julie Wrap Up her Final Goodbye to Hamburg Years

Some of you may join me in saying, "Been there, Done that!" which is probably part of the fascination of hearing Julie Hoffner's account this Saturday morning of the final few hours of responsibility for an empty house that had been a well established family homestead. Filled with endless memories of a once busy family lifestyle, now standing sold and barren--just an empty house in transition.

Beyond the building, Hamburg itself had played a prime role in the life of her family. Both she and her late husband David were teachers in the Hamburg Central School system. Their children, each graduates of the same school system. She believed it would also continue to be the family homestead into their retirement years--one of many dreams that now seen as somewhat impractical. 

This is especially true now that she shares an attached apartment to her son and daughter-in-law's beautiful home in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, where she shares the joys of her grandchildren in their rewarding teen years--another whole set of new and long enduring memories developing.

Julie's continued love of Silver Lake Institute will provide a closer opportunity to keep in touch with old friends in Hamburg. But her home life is now shared between Dillsburg, PA and Silver Lake, NY and we are indeed fortunate to have her as part of our lives also. 

Julie effectively serves on the SLI Trustee Board, as she has for years; serves as the chair of the program committee; serves on the spiritual life committee; and has been the musical accompanist for SLI's worship services for over 50 years and was so honored this summer for that enduring service.

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