Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Winter Survivors Planning Nov., Feb.
Party Nights this Winter; will Discuss
'Home Nights' for Smaller Gatherings

February 1 (?)
After two successful years of Mid-Winter Survivors' Pizza Parties, the Winter Survivors Planning Task Force (TF) is planning to add a second event in November. The original February event (the Pizza Party) will be scheduled again this winter. The TF is in the process of setting the dates and what the highlight food will be for November.

In addition, the TF is hearing from folks who feel that the "winter months" (Oct-Apr) are too long of a period of time to have so few get-togethers especially after a season of weekly concerts, desserts, breakfasts, sunset club and this month---The Silver Lake Experience and Artisans on the Green (this Saturday, August 31, 1-5 pm; Parking: Edges of Burt Park). 

Some say the coming down off of such a busy period of time to almost nothing is physically and spiritually depressing. People are social creatures and need social functioning for good health.

As an alternative to the "party" event, the TF will be discussing helping persons be creative in developing a "home night" theme and inviting one or two other couples (or families) for cookies and coffee or other preferences. Themes could be a wide range of considerations, all the way from Ethnic traditions to Sports Nights (watching Buffalo Footall or Buffalo or Rochester Hockey) to name just two. If you set up a "home night" or "night out" with other SLI couples or families, let us know what you did or where you went so we can take encouragement that "SLI Winter" intends to be a more happening place!

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