Monday, August 19, 2019

Talk of the Season Winding Down
is Overcome by Committees
in High Gear for Next Year

Whether you are a summer resident only or a year-round resident, if you are on a committee, you hardly have time to think about how the Season is winding down because you are already fully engaged in the planning process for what is to come. Plans are being made for next season's concerts, speakers, authors, and special events--after all, some season-opening events are just 10 1/2 months away and guests must be scheduled early enough to get what we want before other groups get the dates we prefer.

The Spiritual Life Committee is surveying the worshiping community about issues as basic as style of worship. They are planning a quick review of preferences immediately following this Sunday's experimental "informal" worship experience with Paul Robinson. Then decisions for next season and scheduling must begin.

While all the busy-ness of planning for next season, there are those additionally concerned about the long off-season months during the fall-winter of 2019 and the winter-spring of 2020. For the past two years these folk have referred to themselves as the SLI Winter Survivors and have "celebrated" with a Mid-Winter Survivors' Pizza Party.

This is the first year that the planning committee is considering at least two get-togethers--one in November and the other in "mid winter." Committee members have set a high bar which is proving a little difficult to maintain--eating together for the small amount of $5 per individual. At this point, we are still operating on that assumption. 

To date we have been able to maintain this low cost because of the generous giving of others who want to see not one winter survivor excluded from the get-togethers. So far, so good; but as the group grows larger, the committee may have to reconsider. 

Some concerns have also been expressed that for some who do not "weather" winter well, two events during the long, cold season, is simply not enough. The committee will discuss the options of adding an additional event or organizing smaller cottage events not requiring the efforts of the larger events at Koinonia and definitely not including a meal (unless you insist). Your thoughts and ideas are really encouraged at this point.

Contacts: Glynne Schultz or Greg Franklin: (493-4003)

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