Thursday, August 29, 2019

Survivors Committee to Consider Being 'Coordinating Resource' for New
'Night Out' Experiment

In addition to this year's Mid-Winter Pizza Party and the new Fall Event tentatively scheduled for November, the Survivor's Planning Committee (SPC) at its September meeting will be discussing serving as a coordinating resource for a requested "Night Out" suggestion. This idea would be almost the direct opposite of the current top-down planning used in our current gatherings.

Each individual, couple, or family is being asked to consider what their three favorite things to do are. It doesn't have to be three, it can be more or less. Once you agree on your favorite things, email your name (individual, couple, or family) and the list of your favorite things in your order of preference to 

The Survivors Committee will then maintain and email a list of all the favorite things and the individuals, couples, and families that enjoy doing them. The list will be two-fold--both a list of names following by favorite things, and a list of favorite things followed by names. You will be updated each time an individual, couple, or family send in their name and favorite things to do.

This listing will provide you the opportunity of finding people you would like to spend time with, or finding your favorite activity and finding out who else has those same interests... a good combination.

Examples of favorite things: Card Games, Watching Pro Sports, Playing Chinese Checkers, Going to Local Sports Games, Playing Miniature Golf, Going out to Eat, Going to Pro Sports Games, Going to a Theater Event, Going to the Perry Brewery, Going to a Concert, Wine Tasting Event, Just Friendly Conversation (with or without refreshment), Walk the Silver Lake Outlet Trail, Invitation to Enjoy your Favorite Dessert made by someone else, tossing around a football or baseball. Now come up with your own unique interests.

Along with this list of favorite things and others who enjoy them, SPC will publish and email events in Perry and Warsaw about local events including the Letchworth schedule, the Wyoming County Council on the Arts schedule, and the schedule for High School Musicals.

If you are excited about inviting another individual(s), couple(s), or family(ies) to join you in doing one of your favorite, then let us know and we will list you as a willing or eager "host." A host then invites one or two individuals, couples, or families to join them in doing their favorite thing(s).

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