Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday's SLE Bonus Day was Calm, Inspirational as 3 Events all
Say 'Goodbye' to SLE 2019

SILVER LAKE, NY, AUGUST 11, 2019, 8 PM --Silver Lake Experience 2019 is completed and into the history books. There are many, many photos yet to be singled out and prepped for use. 

The rain seemed to keep itself active only during those times we were naturally indoors or after the activities of the day were complete. The rain will not stand out as any significant feature. 

The concerts were of an amazing variety--classical from the RPO, rock 'n' roll from Ruby Shooz, and folk from the Old Hippies. 

The workshops were professional yet down to earth and easily understood. The food was excellent thanks to the leadership and staff at Asbury. 

Friday night featured a 50's and 60s Rock 'n' Roll emphasis including classic cars, opening the 50s-style "Snack Shack" on the south side of Chapman, opposite Epworth and ice cream sundaes in Epworth Cafe--all a part of the basic registration fee. 

All historic buildings were in use with the added fascination of the tent in the Park. After  a dance-filled Friday night and three days of "experience," the closing day, also known as the 4th Day or the Bonus Day, was one of calm and peaceful enjoyment of the great outdoors, and the tent in the Park as guests got involved in the worship service, followed by the closing picnic and the closing concert with a wide range of popular big band music selections from over the decades. 

The tent was down by 5 pm and the grounds returned to "normal." But after each Silver Lake Experience, our "normal" is different! It involves a very strong sense of having served the local and far reaching communities with the type of "experience" that will affect us all for years to come. 

Most importantly, are the people, each and every one, who came, who supported, who enjoyed, who long to return. They are the real heroes of the SLE. 

But what would these heroes be without the strong leadership of Sue Russell, her staff, and all of Asbury and the strong leadership Kathy and Bill Schaefer, the Committee, the volunteers, the staff who not only worked hard for four days this week, but have worked for the past two years in preparation for this week. A huge and profoundly grateful "Thank You" to the best co-chairs there could be--Kathy Schaefer and Sue Russell. There are no words to fully express the sentiments of full appreciation that exist for them among their teams; Thank You, a thousand times over!

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