Sunday, August 18, 2019

Spiritual Life Committee to Hold First Informal Worship Service August 25th

Formal and Informal worship services may mean different things to different people. For some, formal worship has a printed worship folder often known as "the bulletin" in Protestant circles and contains an "Order of Worship" usually set apart in traditional categories such as Preparation, Praise, Prayer, Preaching and Response.

In contrast, informal worship is more of a "follow the leader" and can be done around tables as opposed to rows of chairs.

Without defining what is formal and what is informal, the Spiritual Life Committee has invited a respected retired pastor who has been with us at least on two previous occasions to conduct an informal worship service at Stoody Hall this coming Sunday, August 25th at 10:30 a.m.

He is Paul Robinson who is remembered by some for using a mixing bowl and cake mix as his sermon illustration down in the midst of the gathered congregation. He is remembered by others for the time he preached with the large lithograph of Jesus on a tripod behind him to his right. His humor was appreciated as he referred to Jesus watching over his shoulder.

We can't tell you what he is going to do on Sunday because it remains as a surprise, but we are looking forward to his "putting flesh on the bones" of informal worship and our responding to it. Bring the survey sheets that were passed out today (Aug. 18) and help us evaluate our new and upcoming experiences.

After the August 25 "informal experience," the Spiritual Life Committee will be holding the regular closing service at the Big Blue Dock Sept. 1st with the Rev. Mary Martin speaking. The Service will include "Lord, You Have Come to the Lake Shore," and the Barger Litany. This will be followed by the bang of the gavel closing out the 2019 Season concluding with a tasty Sahlen's Hot Dog Fellowship.

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