Friday, August 2, 2019

SLI Residents are Reminded of the Breakfast Cafe and August Trustee Board Meeting in Epworth Hall

Breakfast for all SLI residents, their families, and their guests are invited to Breakfast Cafe from 8 to 10 am in Stoody Hall. This is followed immediately at 10 am by the monthly SLI Trustee meeting to be held in Epworth Hall.

If you sign into the meeting as a resident-guest, there is a time at the beginning of the meeting for "Visitors' Concerns." If you are specifically coming for more information on changes affecting Epworth Hall or the announced "discussion of Epworth" at the Annual Cottage Owners Meeting, please raise your question or concern during the "Visitors' Concerns." (There is possibility that you may be directed to the Agenda which may, or may not, contain time for that announced "discussion." Just follow the verbal instructions offered.

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