Saturday, August 3, 2019

SLI Board Renames Worship, by Request of the Committee: 'Spiritual Life'; Approves Service Plan for 2020

After meeting with representatives of the Trustee Board on July 29th, the Spiritual Life Committee (former Worship Committee) was able to put together a creative plan for three formal worship services (the type we currently employ), and the remaining Sundays become informal expressions of worship. The Spiritual Life Committee is determined to continue the blending of Methodist traditions into fully ecumenical (and non-denominational) approach to worship, utilizing a wide variety of liturgy, prayers, and hymnology. Continuing efforts will be made to reach out to other denominational speakers, and to eagerly respond to connections that others have for suggestions or contacts.

The first formal service of 2020 will be held at the BIg Blue Dock on July 5, 2020. The last formal service of 2020 will also be held at the Big Blue Dock but this one on Sept. 6, 2020. The third formal worship will be held at a TBA date for the Lake-wide Memorial Service, a very strong and effective service offered to all lake communities which surround the lake. A compromise date had previously been reached by the committee to set the Memorial Service on the last Sunday of July and is apparently being revisited.

The remaining services will be informal and will be held on the front lawn of Stoody Hall (rain location: inside Stoody Hall). No worship folders (bulletins) will be used for the informal services. Refreshments will remain simplified while at Stoody Hall.

Chairperson Don Weaver has agreed to stay on one more year as Chair, as long as we agree to provide him with a co-chair in August who is willing to take over the Chair of Spiritual Life after 2020.

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