Saturday, August 3, 2019

SLI Board Adopts Nomination's Training Plan for 2019-2020; Kevin Colburn Becomes President Sept. 14th

UPDATE 8/4 -- The Nominations Committee, chaired by Julie Hoffner, and the Board Secretary, Lance Seeber, presented a combination of a Nominations Report and a Training program to help new leaders and other willing leaders become familiar with important jobs on the Board so they may be more inclined to seek election to them. The Board unanimously adopted the training plan, the trainers, and the unique election of each of the following--all in one unanimous vote:
President ......... Kevin Colburn*
Vice President ...... Kris Schultz
Secretary ......... Lance Seeber
Treasurer ......... W. Pete Mairs

The SLI Board of Trustees elects its own officers from among the Trustees on the Board. This has not changed since the beginning of the organization in 1857 and the renewal of the charter on February 2, 2016.

*Bill Schaefer will remain President through Sept. 14, 2019, which is the date approved for the next Trustee meeting to be held at Hoag Gallery. Kevin Colburn will take over as President on Sept. 14, 2019 (unless some work-related locations or responsibilities temporarily delay it. On that date, Bill Schaefer will become the designated Trainer for Kevin and Kris. Others on the Board volunteered to be trained in various positions. Bill's term of office on the Trustees ends the summer of 2021. He already looks forward to a change of venue.

Kevin's current position of Treasurer will be taken over by Pete Mairs. Others on the Board have volunteered to be trained as Treasurer in preparation for Pete's term of office on the Board to end in 2021. Pete also is said to not be running again.

The Board feels this plan will cause the Board to be more fully prepared, through training of future leaders, and for changes in our leadership without interruption or delay or at least as much as possible.

We have tried to be as accurate as possible. Anyone seeing where something could have been stated more accurately, please contact us, so we can get our readers even better informed (493-4003).

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