Thursday, August 8, 2019

Silver Lake Experience 2019 Off to a Great Start as Registrants Signed in, Then Heard Chairs' Announcements

There were many comments on the organized and efficient sign-in system and the staffed table appreciated the kind words. Special needs and special requests just naturally make things temporarily stall, but overall, most were well prepared to move through sign-in and unto the free Continental Breakfast prepared by Asbury Retreat Center and Served by SLE volunteer staff. 

Sign-in was accomplished by cell phone App with no paper work involved. We are quickly moving to the height of electronic efficiency and overall efficiency by combining as many details as possible into easy to hand out materials. 

Even so, guests appreciated the spoken announcement time which reviewed materials received, the SLE-wide Scavenger Hunt, locations of buildings and workshops. Both co-chairs, Kathy Schaefer and Sue Russell, received warm and enthusiastic applause for their presentation and recognition of the SLE Committee. 

Most importantly, the presentations and workshops of the day were the absolute highlights of everything else. These comments were easily and readily heard throughout the dining room at Koinonia Inn. The first significant rain came while most were in the Koinonia Dining Room. 

Water-related activity had to be curtailed because of the intensity of the thunderstorms being forecast. All registrants were told to pick another event to attend which catches their attention and simply go to it. The second significant rain came after the presentations and workshops were over in late afternoon, and the vast majority had left the grounds. 

Clear weather, late evening Sun, and pre-concert desserts was the prelude for the concert of the evening given by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra's Quintet. It has been a great and satisfying day in spite of the rather intense rain. And now, on to Day 2. We hope to have some photographs for tomorrow. Between the rain and a dead camera battery, photos were unable to be retained today.

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