Tuesday, August 27, 2019

New Family Histories Related to the Heritage Walkway Memorial Bricks
are being Posted following Hiatus

Suzanne Bristow was on the ground floor of the Long Range Planning Committee's Heritage Walkway Project which has turned out to be one of the highlights on the Institute grounds for its beauty, its historical contents, and its smooth walkway to the Big Blue Dock. She has been totally invested in the project by taking orders, ordering bricks, arrangements for engraving bricks, installing bricks, and equally important, seeking the family histories to which the bricks refer. She types every word and installs the family histories into the Heritage Walkway's own website.

Suzanne's work on the family histories became interrupted when the Executive Committee asked the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPL) to produce  a 2020 edition of the Silver Lake Institute Handbook. The project was enormous  and the LRPC is planning to complete its part of the project at this Friday's LRPC meeting.

If that wasn't time consuming enough, Suzanne was asked to type the equivalent of a book from hand written and difficult to read copy giving a complete history of the streets within the Silver Lake Institute, and the people for whom each street was named. After many months working that project along with the work on the handbook, she has finally come near to the end of the streets project (except for the index) which she is working on now. The point is that there is now time to turn her attention back to the family histories which she is entering into the Heritage Walkway website.

This Newsletter provides a direct link to the Heritage Walkway website. It can be found in the left hand column in the very first section under "Site Map / General Public." Look for "Heritage Walkway" and click on it. The stories are brief but ever so interesting reading. The histories are separated by the referenced brick which was photographed before being installed on the walkway.

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