Wednesday, August 7, 2019

'Last Sunday at Epworth for the
Season' Drew Attendance of 46;
100 Say they'll be Here Sunday 8/11

In a special service, August 4th, that highlighted both the opening week of the 2019 Silver Lake Experience and also highlighted Epworth Hall as a spiritual tower in the hearts of many which holds powerful memories for the current generation and generations before.

The Guest Speaker was the Co-Chair of the Silver Lake Experience (SLE), Sue Russell who also serves as the Director of the Asbury Retreat Center. Leading the special service was Barbara Bruce who led the congregation through the secondary theme of "Holy Ground" and many present removed their shoes in respect.

It has been called a "very meaningful service" and well appreciated as we begin our rennaisance week of mini-Chautauqua. Next Sunday will be the fourth and last day of the 2019 SLE and the Service of Worship will be held in Bishop Burt Park in the vicinity of the SLE tent at 10:30 am followed by the closing picnic and the closing concert. 100 who attended SLE also registered for the worship service. 130 who attended SLE also registered for the closing picnic!

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