Sunday, August 18, 2019

Kevin Colburn is Newest President of SLI Board as Paperwork is Signed over the Weekend; Bill Schaefer is Now VP

Officers of the Trustee Board were elected on August 3, 2019, but the transition was held until Mr. Colburn returned from a work assignment outside of the area. This weekend was the finalizing of the August election. Kevin Colburn will lead the September 14th Trustee meeting as its new president.

Bill Schaefer, after a long and successful run leading the Trustees and caring for the good of the Institute through some very challenging and historical times, deserves much credit for the excellent shape in which the Institute finds itself. All the Trustees should receive accolades for their productive cooperation with their elected leaders.

The new officers serving the Institute community and its charter are:
Kevin Colburn, President
Bill Schaefer, Vice President
Lance Seeber, Secretary
Pete Mairs, Treasurer
Both Bill and Pete are ready to retire from leadership and will be working to train other members of the Trustees who have expressed a willingness to run for the offices from which Bill and Pete will be retiring when their current Trustee terms expire in July of 2021.

In the meantime, Mr. Schaefer plans to continue to be active in the Silver Lake Experience which continues to grow in recognition because of its excellent program and organization. His help and leadership in Logistics is well appreciated and the committee is very happy to hear he will continue with that work.

This article is an update to a previous article on the Trustee elections.

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