Sunday, August 4, 2019

Jim Riley Appointed Chairperson of SLI Communications Committee; Asked
to Get SLI Website Up and Running

Jim Riley, a long time resident of the Silver Lake Institute admits he was not really involved previously with all that the Institute offers. Now that he is retired he says it is time for him to give something back. So he ran in last month's election for new Trustees and won a position on the Institute's Board of Trustees. In his introductory speech given at last month's cottage owners meeting, he spoke of his IT and Internet knowledge and hoped it could be helpful to the Institute.

At his very first Trustees meeting this weekend, he found himself appointed as the new chairperson of the still-new Communications Committee. Others that were active in working toward a new website were also re-appointed to continue to serve. Of special note was Nancy Jay who had actually made progress in the development of a new website. No aims or goals have yet to be publicly stated about what readership is being targeted, or what subject matter is being considered.

This Newsletter began as the first officially approved Institute website in 2010 and operated under the name of In February of 2018, this name was officially transferred to the Institute (Bill Schaefer, President) and the original website transformed into an independent and news website for all of the Silver Lake communities. It now operates under the name of the Silver Lake Newsletter (i.e.,

The content of the Newsletter still contains a high level of Institute news and events. This is because of SLI's heavy schedule mostly created by the charter requirements for serving the community as both an independent 501c3 non-profit corporation and an organized municipality. In addition to that, a sister organization, the Silver Lake Association (SLA) cares for the water quality issues of the lake and the surrounding lake basin. From it we learn strategic plantings, farm tilling, lifestyles and habits that will increase and improve the life of those living at and around the lake. As a drinking water source, this emphasis is a comforting necessity.

The lake community looks forward to the addition and perspective of the Institute in its planned website, about to take shape and form under a still-new Communications Committee.

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  1. For clarification - Nancy Jay did previously agree to assist with a website but was unable to make any progress. Looking forward to Jim's lead and getting back to an official SLI website.