Tuesday, August 27, 2019

J&M Rooney will be at Epworth Hall Saturday Eve to Test LED Bulbs in Stage Lights to Cut Current Draw

John and Mara Rooney have been discussing the lights in Epworth, as has the entire Epworth Hall Committee.

"We noticed this year they are starting to fail. The committee can continue to buy light bulbs and fuses every time a unit fails or upgrade to a more modern LED light," said Mara. 

The Rooney's, also members of the Epworth Hall Committtee, are coming up this weekend and plan to bring a few LED lights which to test. 

"They’re reasonably priced, will not blow the fuses, will not require bulb replacement, can change color automatically, and are much lighter. We’d like to test them around dusk on Saturday. If anyone [from the SLI Board or Epworth Committee] wants to come and check them out they’re more than welcome," concluded Mara.

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