Friday, August 16, 2019

It's Official: SLE 2021 is on the Calendar for August 5-7, 2021

The Silver Lake Experience Planning Committee has agreed that their work in designing, creating and putting together a "Silver Lake Experience" has been very much appreciated. Many persons have encouraged the committee to continue to press ahead with the next biennial plan for an "experience."

Less than a week from the closing of SLE 2019, the committee talked about the evaluations of last week's participants and found one common thread flowing through each. The evaluation forms gave a 1 through 5 numerical judgment on the quality and value of this year's experience. Most evaluations received a "5" along with powerful words of appreciation and requests to continue SLE.

The SLE Committee has now set the dates for the next SLE as August 5-7, 2021. The event will be planned as a 3-day event but a 4th day of Worship, Picnic, and Concert will continue to be run by the SLI Program and Spiritual Life committees and be advertised through the regular SLE advertising. The technical close of SLE 2021 will be Saturday.

The co-chairs for the 2021 SLE have also been announced as follows: Bill Schaefer, Logistics; Kathy Schaefer, Program; Sue Russell, Website and Registration; Loren Penman, Marketing (Publicity/Sponsorship).

Today's Newsletter report of SLE 2021 and the co-chairs announcement is the concluding report from the Newsletter on planning details of the SLE Committee for 2021 during its time of planning. Since the committee's long-standing policy is to keep all planning confidential within the committee until such time as publicity is officially authorized, no additional information will be released without specific authorization until the 2021 plan is in place. In the past this usually takes place shortly after New Year's Day during the second year of planning (2021 in this case). Since the SLE is so highly rated, it is hard to disagree with such a successful working policy. 

"Thank you for your support of, and appreciation for SLE, your many kind words, and your patience during our time of quiet planning," concluded one committee member on behalf of all. 

The Silver Lake Newsletter's official policy, remains with transparent reporting under freedom of the press and the relatively recent court decision recognizing these basic rights as applicable to world wide web (online) publishers. We choose in the case of SLE, to abide by the volunteers' wishes since their purposes remain totally service oriented for the benefit our local communities and Western New York. This article is an update of the original article announcing the successful conclusion of the 2019 SLE and the dates and leadership of the next SLE (2021).

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