Sunday, August 25, 2019

First Informal Worship Service to
be Held at Stoody Hall at 10:30 am this Morning; will be Discussed Monday

The Spiritual Life Committee wants to do an "Informal" Worship Service so that everyone can experience it and be able to give an experienced opinion. We invited a very respected retired pastor who we are confident will accomplish this Sunday morning mission for later this morning. He has been here at least twice before and each time he demonstrated very creative ways of communicating his message with more than words. You will remember Paul Robinson and we are confident you will enjoy his creativity once again.

We are asking him to attempt to do each of our usual "formal" acts of worship in a completely different way. Make note of those things which touch your heart the most and the things that are not as effective for you. We are combining the informal experience into a total experience because we must begin working on setting up next year's worship services and we need to know if you are open to some of the ideas that keep coming up among young people and young adults including young married adults.

Nothing will become finalized based on this one hour's experience. It is only a guide to help us set a plan for next Season's experiences of worship. We are convinced that all of us put together will be able to discover things about informal worship that will not only stimulate young minds and hearts, but also captivate older-experienced minds and hearts.

Sit back, relax, try to zero-in to God's presence, making note of all that is happening and which is good for you and if anything is less than good for you. It all happens later this morning and we invite anyone who is interested in this experiment for the good of the community, to join us and offer serious opinions (or even "joyfully negative" ones). Approach it with a positive mindset and see what happens. Then try to explain to us what happened in your experience of it. 

This brief exchange of ideas is expected to follow the worship service (original plan) or you can speak with one of the pastors during the day today because the Spiritual Life Committee meets in the morning.

Thank you for your love and patience and we look forward to seeing you.

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